domingo, 3 de maio de 2009

Drugs in Adolescence

Every day the media disclose the occurrence of killings of young people in some way are involved with the trafficking or drug use. So increasingly are many deaths, which at once are eliminated several young people of both sexes. The reasons for such violence are almost always the same: either a dispute between drug traffickers seeking control of a piece of city, or the disposal of consumers who do not pay for the drug.

All kinds of violence in the streets, the crossings in invasions of homes, has the young players who, when arrested, confess they are addicted to illegal drugs. Steal and kill under action of drugs and therefore act to get the resources with which they will buy more drugs.
Adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The changes that live at this stage cannot fail to surprise you, you feel different, you just insurance. These changes are not limited to the body; occur in the way they think, feel and behavior.
From a stage where parents were your absolute reference, becomes another stage where you start to separate them to build your identity. Your referrals are new models and idols. You have interests and ideas and, especially, feel a great desire for new experiences.
This is where the drug is a factor that can think to solve your problems.
In this period of your life you will begin to make decisions alone, of being independent, which means that you join the groups. And for fear of not being accepted by them, you submit to its rules. The quest for independence leads you to be dependent on the rules of that group and often dependent on drugs. Because many times the rule of that group and drugs themselves.

The adolescent feels is omnipotent in the face of death and not fear any risk that might take. We don’t believe that one day the same drug that gives us much pleasure will have a total area, and will fully controlled by it.
It is undeniable that the drugs provide a pleasant sensation for a period of time, but this same object of pleasure can lead to a path of no return - death.
The drug promotes the removal of the family, anxiety, loss of health, loss of friends, impotence, loss of self and death.

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